What is the average performance (key metrics) for a Facebook page?


Its really important to learn your business success metrics from the facebook insights. You need to understand that whats working for other businesses or lets say for your competitors might not work exactly for you. Because your business has its own separate characteristics and most importantly a different audience. All you gotta do before figuring […]

Why do I need to learn a Digital-Marketing-Program?


The right kind of skill-set has always been an issue in India. Sweden’s total population is less than unemployed engineers in India. And I am not surprised to know this.   We gotta make efforts not to become a part of educated but unskilled population but try becoming skilled professionals.   There are plethora of […]

Pokémon: The next PPC

digital-marketing, next-ppc

How can it be next PPC? By now each of us is aware how Pokémon has virtually taken over the world in no time. Everyone including someone not actually fond of playing games like me is obsessed with Pokémon. It has made me visit beautiful streets in my locality I had never even bothered about. […]